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By registering here you are committing to reading the Bible NT,PS,PRO in a year with Lifepointe Church. You will be able to tell us how you plan to read following the plan through the Bible app, or with your beloved Word and paper guide.

We’re excited that you’ve chosen to read through the Bible with us this year! We believe that the Bible is a message from God to us that is written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and profitable to our lives in a variety of ways. This year, we will be focusing on the New Testament as we explore the implications of a life centered on Jesus and His ways. As we prepare to study the Bible together, we’d like to encourage you to be intentional in how you study the Bible.

Read daily – There are many passages in the Bible that compare the Word of God to food and water. We’re supposed to be as dependent on God’s Words as we are on eating and drinking.
Read prayerfully – Our limited brains have trouble comprehending the magnificent truths of God without his help. Before you open your Bible each day, ask God to reveal His truths and ways to you as you read His Word.
Pay attention to the context – every letter in the Bible was written for a specific purpose and to a specific audience. It’s important to ask what the writer of the letter intended to say instead of asking what it can be made to say.
Pay attention to the Christ-centered meaning – The reality of Jesus’ perfect life, substitutionary death, and conquering of death has implications for every area of our life. Every paragraph and chapter and letter will point to Him in some way.
Pay attention to the intended lesson – While not all passages of Scripture contain a lesson for us, there will usually be a nugget of truth or a message for us to apply to our lives. We’re meant to put our faith into action!

We’re excited to read the New Testament together as a church this year! We will be using the YouVersionBible app to encourage one another and share our insights into God’s word. Get app here: https://vimeo.com/309566141
That plan can be found under the title, “NT, PS, PRO In One Year” or on

We also highly recommend using the Olive Tree Bible App or visiting blueletterbible.org if you’re interested in deeper studies of the Bible.